Download AIM: – Reaction time and accuracy trainer APK

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Download AIM: – Reaction time and accuracy trainer APK

Do you want to get better at any mobile shooter? Thanks to AIM: you will become a professional in no time!

AIM: is essentially an accurate reflex test packed into a fun game. It can measure response time in milliseconds and your accuracy as a percentage. To complete all levels, you will not only need a killer aim, you will also train a high level of clicks per second (cps). As you improve your aim, you will earn stars for each step towards your goal. Thanks to AIM:, you will be able to beat any noob with an aimbot. Become the best in any game like Standoff 2, Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile, Modern Strike Online and PUBG.

While we are constantly improving AIM:, our goal is to keep it as simple and as enjoyable as possible. We don’t need fancy 3D graphics to train you well. Just tap on targets as quickly as possible and we’ll do the rest.

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