Download Chainflix – Watch Videos & Earn Coins! APK

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Download Chainflix – Watch Videos & Earn Coins! APK

Welcome to Chainflix,
A revolutionary video streaming platform owned by users!

A platform that all participants build together.
Not only content creators upload videos but viewers and storage providers can and do as well.
With Chainflix, all participants create the platform together and
participating users are incentivized according to their contribution

█ Features of Chainflix

1. Getting rewarded by simply watching videos without needing a special gear or plugins.
2. Ability to trade CFX coins on coin exchanges.
3. Transparent revenue-sharing model with the power of Blockchain.
4. Extra CFX coins for watching ads.

Watching free videos was never rewarding until now. Viewers will now be rewarded for their attention!

Chainflix does not get to control the income of creators. Content Creators’ income will be directly linked with viewers and advertisers.

* Platform users will be rewarded with Chainflix CFX coins.
* Chainflix is looking for storage providers. All videos on the platform will be stored on users’ storages, and storage provider will receive coin rewards when the videos stored in their storage are streamed to the viewers.
Apply here:

█ App functions

– Watching videos with CFX coins as a reward
– Creation of channels and video uploads
– Channel management
– Subscriptions to channels
– Saving videos and playlists
– Searching for contents
– Writing and replying to comments
– Crypto Wallet where you can manage your CFX coins

█ Permissions required

– Camera
– Storage

█ Important information

※ The reward rate for watching a video depends on the creator’s video distribution settings and number of views.
※ The network of CFX coins when listed on exchanges will be different from the current application network.
※ If you have any inconvenience or questions during open beta, please contact us visa ‘Profile> Settings> Contact us’.
※ Chainflix will carefully review the opinions of users to make the best user experience.

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Email: [email protected]

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