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Download Google Play services APK

Everything You Need to Know about Google Play Services

Have you ever wondered what Google Play Services APK are and what they do? So, it’d better read this article to look for the answer.

Google Play Services are the unsung hero that Android users tend to overlook and fail to appreciate. That is especially true when Android users have its installed as a default system. The app does its job silently to bring as much convenience to its users as it possibly can.

In this article, I will review several most notable services provided by the apps. Then, you should be the one to decide whether to type the words “Google Play services APK” to the search engine and get it.

What are Google Play Services

Before the review begins, it’s essential to clarify that Google Play Services are not Google Playstore.

Google Playstore is where you get your Android apps and install them. While Google Play Services concern themselves with maintaining the system and provide important functionality of your mobile phone so that other applications work. Google Play Services are not primarily meant for entertainment; rather it is meant for core and functional integrity.

Also, most of the time, when you open the apps, there wouldn’t be anything to click or tap. There is no music, eye-catching intro, or whatever gimmicks other apps use to retain users. However, the app will run silently in the background using a variety of APIs to ensure other apps can run smoothly and carry out what they are supposed to do.

Below is a list of APIs from Google Play services that ensure the functionality of other apps.

Google Drive API

The Google Drive installed on your phone would not be able to update itself without a Google Play service known as Google Drive API continually. As a person who has to constantly edit documents and manage workloads using Google sheet, I found Google Drive API to be the most convenient out of everything else.

It allows all my Google sheets and docs are continuously updated and standby as soon as I access Google Drive.

Google Maps API

That Trivago app booking you into a hotel based on your location, or that Uber detecting your location and assigning a driver to give you a lift, the work of Google Play Services right there.

The actual apps themselves do play a part in making everything work. But it is impossible without Google Maps API, which is one of many Google Play services.

Location APIs

That brings us to the next most related Google Play service, which is location APIs. Let’s use mobile applications as an example to make it easier for you to understand.

The very moment I stopped the Google Play services, Pokemon Go no longer worked. Location APIs are another one of the Google Play services that ensure location boundary features can trigger once you are in or out of the location.

Pokemon Go, apps that track your jogging distance, or basically anything requires Location tracking will stop running without this Google Play service. I don’t think I need to elaborate on how many applications these days would have some sort of location dependent functionality?

Google+ platform

I am sure you can recall those apps, websites, or whatever that require you to sign up for an account to view or get access to the content? Then you sigh a big relief seeing the “log in with Google” because now you don’t have to type in a bunch of details and ten thousand other processes?

That is run and supported by the Google+ platform. Without this Google Play service, other mobile apps wouldn’t be able to offer this convenient feature to its user to login using a synced Gmail account.

Google Play Game Service

Remember how I mentioned Google Play Services are not primarily meant for entertainment? Just to clarify, it doesn’t mean it offers no such value in this department. Google Play Game Services are the very feature of the APK that ensure you can also have fun with your Android device.

It is done through recording leaderboards of the game, connect players, achievements, attainable titles, and more importantly, keeping and transferring your progress between devices using Saved Game APIs. Without it, your impressive record of 500 stages cleared in Candy Crush is gone the moment you dropped your phone in the pool, or when you login to another device.

Google Mobile Ads

A Google Play service that is both a blessing and a curse. I am sure you can sort of figure out what role this service has in ensuring the functionality of other apps by now. Yes, it is the one in charge of running ads in your mobile apps.

Why is it a blessing, you asked? The free apps you are enjoying right now are run and supported by advertisements. The developers do not charge you a dime because they can collect revenue by utilizing the Google Mobile Ads.

Plus, the service ensures that ads displayed on your free apps are intelligent apps. It means that they are the ones that might suit your needs based on your browser history.

Google Cast Android API

Lastly, the game that allows you to cast on the mirroring device, or the content you stream to another big screen through your Android can do so because of this API. It ensures images and data can be transmitted to the other devices with minimal issues.

Bottom line

Google Play Services APK are incredibly convenient and people usually take it for granted. Thousands of apps these days wouldn’t be able to run half of their coding if it weren’t for its support.

Anyway, I am sure you already have a general idea on how important Google Play services are, and what would have to forfeit should choose not to use it.

Google Play Services Download right here. As always, thank you for reading, and I see you in the next one. Stay tuned for news on related Android topics folks. Have a good day.

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