Download KYMCO Noodoe APK – Latest Version

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Download KYMCO Noodoe APK – Latest Version

Noodoe is a connected scooter experience that puts you, the rider, at the center of everything. The KYMCO Noodoe app helps you make your connected KYMCO experience thoughtful, personal and social.

Noodoe is thoughtful. As you approach your KYMCO, your phone automatically connects to the scooter. When you turn on the ignition, you are greeted with your favorite photo. Noodoe reminds you of the weather forecast, so you know that it’s not going to rain. While riding, the world’s first road-centric navigation for two-wheel transportation guides you to your destination. When the gas runs low, the smart compass helpfully shows you nearby gas stations. At a stoplight, Noodoe presents you with missed calls, breaking news, new messages, and friends’ social updates, all without you having to pull out the phone. When you park, Noodoe automatically memorizes the location. From the moment you approach the scooter, until the end of each journey, every moment is inspirational and fun.

Noodoe is personal. It helps you celebrate self-expression because no two persons in the world are the same. You have different likes, different needs, and crave for new ways to express yourself. Because of this, Noodoe is a real-time cloud service that gives you choices. Noodoe cloud lets you browse different dashboard designs, download the ones you like to your personal collection, and install them onto your scooter. Beyond a great rider experience, Noodoe makes your scooter the only one of its kind.

Noodoe is social. With a bit of inspiration, you can become a Noodoe dashboard designer and publish your designs to the Noodoe cloud. Noodoe is a full-fledged social network where you can share your creations, follow others, and be followed. The result: endless one-of-a-kind creations, representing the ultimate form of self-expression. It’s no longer just about moving from A to B, but a rewarding experience of self-expression, creativity, sharing, belonging, and social interactions.

Key functions for staying connected and informed:
• Navigation – Let the world’s first road-centric navigation optimized for two wheel transportation guide you to your destination.
• Time – Select your preferred clock designs from the Noodoe cloud, you can also design your own clock.
• Weather –Noodoe displays current weather conditions and provides the weather forecast for you. You can select preferred weather dashboard designs from the Noodoe cloud or design your own weather dashboard.
• Speed – Select your preferred speedometer designs from the Noodoe cloud or design your own speedometer dashboard.
• Smart Compass – With you as the center point, the system provides relative locations of nearby KYMCO dealers, gas stations, convenience stores, and other useful points of interest.
• Groups – Show the relative locations of your riding crew members on the dashboard as you tour around town.
• Gallery – Choose your favorite image from your phone to greet you on the dashboard as you start up your Kymco scooter.
• Notification – Noodoe displays important notifications from your smart phone when the scooter is stopped. Notifications include Facebook, Line, WhatsApp, missed calls, etc.
• Find My Ride – Noodoe records the last parked location when the ignition is turned off so it can guide you to the parked location via your phone when you’re ready to hit the road.
• Journey Diary – Create and share diaries of your most awesome riding adventures. You can also explore epic journeys of other Noodoe riders. 

We recommend using Noodoe on a smartphone rather than a tablet for optimal experience.

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