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FMWhatsApp APK Download

WhatsApp is one of the most preferred messaging Applications for Mobile users. It is one of the greatest platforms for online messaging which makes use of the internet to send messages, videos, GIFs, audio clips, and documents. But most of the users complain that it does not offer complete customizations to users. After that its alternative FM WhatsApp came into pictures with several cool features like hiding last seen, themes, hide blue tick, and high-quality media sharing which is absent in the original WhatsApp.

FMWhatsApp APK
Size 51.MB
Version Requirement 4.1 Android
Cost Freeware
Total Downloads 100000+
Developer FM Mods
Last Update 1 Day Ago

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What are some great features of Fm whatsapp

Hide your Last seen

If you don’t want to show your message activities, the original WhatsApp allows you to secret your last seen. However, you can not see other’s last seen as well, if they activated theirs, then also it avoids you from taking a look at their latest activities. FM WhatsApp is different With FM WhatsApp, you can track your mate’s activities, yet they can’t do the same with you.

The FM WhatsApp enables you to hide your last seen from other’s eyes, but you can still see your mate’s last seen.

Hide your Bluetick

sometimes we are also hectic to respond to our messages and also inadvertently leave our close friend’s messages on seen. Even it’s a tiny mistake, this can leads to some troubles in relationships and partnerships, specifically if it takes place often. Or perhaps you’re not prepared ahead up with the ideal reply yet. In any case, hiding the blue tick icon is vital for these scenarios. With FM WhatsApp, the blue tick will not show up on your mate’s WhatsApp till you have actually responded to them. This implies that you can keep reading your chats without being constraint to reply promptly.

Hide Typing note

Have you ever just considered your typing keyboard, not able to think how can I reply? And then come to be humiliated when you recognize that the WhatsApp app has revealed that you’ve been typing for a disturbingly long amount of time. To avoid this situation, FM WhatsApp allows you to conceal the indication that you’re typing so you do not have to bother with taking too long to type a message.

Customize your dashboard

The shade and personalization functions are the primary factors individuals use WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp leads in this division with the capability to change shades of WhatsApp UI background, status area, Navigation bar, and much more. Various other personalizations like conversation screens, chat backgrounds, line breaks, and themes.

HIgh-quality image sharing

One of the significant issues WhatsApp individuals face is the decrease in image quality after sending it. WhatsApp compresses images to save our data and space consumption. However, sometimes it is not feasible Like if we are sending official documents. So, FM WhatsApp has actually enabled a choice that users can make opt for Full Resolution Image Sharing in application settings. You can additionally set the size of the picture quality in the app Settings. After that, all the images you will send are of high quality without compression.

Complete theme customization

Among the most significant elements that WhatsApp lack is that it does not offer theme styles. This is just one of the greatest drawbacks for individuals who wish to make WhatsApp look As they desire so that they utilize it for more time. However, FM WhatsApp uses a complete store where you can obtain themes for your WhatsApp app. This Themes shop is outstanding and contains a great collection of themes.

Call block filter

FM WhatsApp offers a great feature known as Call Blocker (Filter). It aids in avoiding undesirable calls from rare numbers. You may have seen that we get phone calls from rare numbers on WhatsApp. Another circumstance is getting a fraudulent phone call while doing some job. But, in FM WhatsApp you can restrict who can call you on WhatsApp number. The feature permits choosing a limited contact with that you want to take calls and chats.

See the deleted status

when somebody posts a status and then removes it, you can’t see what the status was. Yet in FM WhatsApp, you have a unique benefit although they remove the status, you’ll have the ability to see it later. The function might seem a little bit easy, however, it will certainly give you accessibility that nobody has.

Message a number without saving

If you are not wanted to talk with others but still require to send a text to that person that owns your important things such as books, documents, and cash. NOw you don’t need to save others’ contact numbers to chat with them Unlike original WhatsApp, the FM WhatsApp will give you the option to send a message without saving the individual’s contact number so you can remove them after sending out the message. Rather an excellent function for those that aren’t really friendly and also do not wish to speak with many people.

Disable the forwarded tag

With this feature, you can currently hide your absence of originality. With the official WhatsApp, if you forward a message or media, the application will certainly suggest to others that it was a forwarded message as well as removes your originality, however with FM WhatsApp, you can forward numerous great phrases as you desire without any forwarded tag. Now go and share those trendy messages and be the amazing person that you want to be.


The official WhatsApp is the best messaging application. But if you require a little customization in your App, then the best option for you is Fm WhatsApp. This application will certainly offer you the new functions that are missing from the official Application. The FM WhatsApp Application can give you selection, customization, and personalization, Also it ensures your absolute personal privacy.

This Application is not offered on the Google Play shop, but you can download it from our website. Fm whatsApp is an outstanding application that gives you the ability to hide your last seen, blue tick, online icon, and other UI icons. You delight in the versatility of countless styles from the collection, which has plenty of options to select from.

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