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Description– Read Novel Charlie Wade Bab 4395 Free. This is a sajak with a very interesting story. Very suitable for you to read.

Of course, apart from being interesting. The charismatic Charlie Wade’s sajak also has a very long storyline. So it’s not surprising that saleh readers of Charlie Wade’s novels are always reminded of the stories that follow.

Well, because of the length of the story contained in this Charlie Wade sajak. Currently the story has reached chapters 4395.

For those of you who can’t wait for the story part of chapters 4377-4378. Please read the following story:

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Novel Charlie Wade Bab 4395

After hearing that, Rio felt and broke.
He and fear. Young Pakar and Chaofeiyun’s plans were completely pointless if this really abandoned him?
As Mushroom’s most trusted assistant, Rio knew almost everything about Mushroom.
It was Rio who drove to JFK Airport to take her back to Fay’s house, even when Chao Fayyun was secretly flying to New York. That’s why he knew all of Mushroom’s plans long ago.

At this moment, seeing that Stefanie sun was about to leave, how could he just sit back and watch, so he quickly said, “No signal? Impossible, is there any misunderstanding here?”
charlie said firmly: “Our bodyguard just said that the walkietalkie signal and mobile phone signal have disappeared strangely, which is absolutely unusual. They have already gone out to negotiate with the bodyguards outside, and they will come and take miss sun
away soon.”
Speaking, charlie said with a serious face: “Even if this matter is really a misunderstanding, we cant risk miss suns safety! Please understand!”
Rio hurriedly said: “That… don`t worry… We are heavily guarded here, and there is absolutely no possibility of any security problems! As for the signal tandatanya you mentioned, I guess it may be a technical fault. There are many kinds of electronic devices, especially audio amplifiers and wireless microphones, it is likely that there is interference between the signals, or you should wait a moment, and I will tell our young ahli!”

charlie waved his hand: “Well, you go and make it clear to Pakar Fei, we will go first, if there is any tandatanya, everyone can communicate by phone.”
When Rio heard this, he was so anxious that he blurted out: “No way! Our young ahli will be on stage to give a speech soon! At that time, we will announce miss sun s VIP in public. If miss sun leaves like this, our young ahli will But you cant come down on stage! He is the eldest young ahli of the Fei family, you can`t give no face at all, can you?”
charlie thought for a moment with a look of embarrassment, his tone loosened a little, and blurted out: “Well, then you go to inform Pakar Fei, we will apologize to him face to face, I believe that a reasonable person like Pakar Fei must be can understand us!”
Stefanie sun also said apologetically, “please ask Pakar Fei to come over.

I will explain it personally. really sorry. When Rio found out that he was out of control from the scene
, he immediately said, “Pakar Sun, wait a moment. I will inform young ahli!” After all, he immediately returned to the banquet hall.
Mushroom was anxiously waiting for Rio’s current news. Seeing Rio gasping for enceran, he immediately asked, “What’s the situation over there?!” i miss the sun.

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